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WIDS World International Dance Sport

What about WIDS

WIDS World International Dance Sport is the new first international dance federation fouded in Italy on 4th January 2023, under the presidium of the Dance Sport PluriChampion Mr. Domenico Cannizzaro. 

The President of WIDS 

Mr Domenico Cannizzaro

Official website


All About WIDS

WIDS World International Dance Sport is a new International dance federation. It's a private institution body. Its mission is governing and administrating the Dance Sport of all Countries that are member of it, organizing International competitions, World & European Championships.

WIDS is the first International Dance Federation founded in Italy, and the fourth in the World after the historic WDC World Dance Council, WDSF World Dance Sport Federation and the most recent WDO World Dance Organization, who governate international dance disciplines around world.

All countries that are member of WIDS, follow and operates under all WIDS rules.

WIDS loves to work under the principle of TRANSPARENCE, LEGALITY, and first of all FREEDOM.

For that reason all members, all athelets, all officials who are part of WIDS, they can feel free to be part of other federations too, and work also with them.



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